We are beyond excited to announce that Hubba Bubba®, the iconic bubblegum brand, is bringing its signature fun and flair to The Rosé Picnic as an official sponsor! Known for its unforgettable Hubba Bubba® Bubble Tape and the classic pink gum that has delighted us since the 1980s, Hubba Bubba® is all about celebrating joy, playfulness, and, of course, the colour pink.

A Perfect Match: Hubba Bubba® and The Rosé Picnic

When it comes to colour, few brands can rival the iconic pink of Hubba Bubba®. That's why partnering with The Rosé Picnic—a festival that exudes elegance, sophistication, and a lot of pink—felt like the perfect fit for Hubba Bubba®. This summer, as we gather at the beautiful Rosé Picnic to enjoy fine wines, gourmet food, and lively entertainment, Hubba Bubba® will be there to add a delightful burst of nostalgia and fun.

Join Us for the Summer Solstice and The Rosé Picnic!

Mark your calendars for a double dose of pink excitement! Hubba Bubba® will kick off the summer festivities at the Summer Solstice on Friday, June 21, and continue the celebration at The Rosé Picnic on Saturday, June 22.

At our Hubba Bubba® activation booth, you can dive into a world of bubblegum bliss.
Here's a sneak peek of what we have in store for you:

Life-Size Bubble Fun: Step inside our giant bubble for a playful and whimsical experience that captures the essence of Hubba Bubba®.

Bubblegum Inspired Photo Opportunities: Strike a pose and create Instagram-worthy memories at our bubblegum-themed photo spots, including the Crystal Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, created by Briony Douglas.

Bubblegum Sampling: Indulge your inner child with samples of our beloved Hubba Bubba® Bubble Tape and Hubba Bubba® Max products.

We promise a day filled with pink-tastic fun and interactive activities that will keep you smiling and playing all day long. So come ready to engage, take pictures, and chew on some delicious bubblegum!

Hubba Bubba® is more than just a gum; it's a way to bring back the playful spirit of childhood and embrace a life full of fun and colour. As you plan your summer occasions, be sure to include Hubba Bubba® in your festivities. You can find Hubba Bubba® products at major retailers across Canada, ready to add a delightful twist to your gatherings.

Join us at The Rosé Picnic to experience the enchanting world of pink with Hubba Bubba®! We're thrilled to share this vibrant celebration filled with bubbles, joy, and all the playful fun that only Hubba Bubba® can deliver. Come and be a part of the magic!

For tickets and details, visit the Rosé Picnic website.